Why TitleNet?  TitleNet is 100 percent client focused.  We won’t tell you how your orders should be completed. We adapt our processes to ensure they won’t interfere with yours. TitleNet understands that it has no purpose without its clients, and that its success is dependent entirely upon the success of its partners and customers. We consider quality to be an indispensible ingredient to any real estate transaction.  In other words, we work to cut time and cost from your transaction.

TitleNet Client Bill of Rights

  1. Our clients are the reason TitleNet exists.  Everything we do will be done with the intention of helping our clients succeed.
  2. We return phone calls, e-mails and other forms of communications as quickly and clearly as possible.
  3. You will not be bounced around among our personnel when you have a question or request. Clients will work with a single, knowledgeable point of contact, whose focus will be those clients.
  4. TitleNet clients can expect SLAs (service level agreements).  We stand behind our products and services.
  5. We strive to beat the industry standard on all orders, where possible, with proper vendor management.  We do this without sacrificing quality.
  6. Our clients deserve quality of workmanship and timely delivery.   Our providers are vetted carefully and audited regularly.
  7. Our clients will work with professionals who know and understand the location of the transaction. Our settlement services partners and agencies are chosen for their local experience and know-how.  For example, your transaction in southern Georgia will be serviced by an agent comfortable with the customs and regulations of a settlement in southern Georgia.
  8. We will adapt our way of doing business to fit the way you do business.