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We’re seeking good title agencies and settlement firms, no matter where you are. 

It’s not easy being a regional agent these days.                               
TitleNet is the answer for title agents and settlement services providers of all sizes seeking access to new orders without the associated costs.  Through TitleNet, agents are now able to meet client requests for service in states they wouldn’t otherwise cover, or for order volume they otherwise couldn’t handle.   How often have you had to turn down business because the order count was more than your operation could handle?  How many times have you scrambled to find a suitable referral to assist your client in a state you wouldn’t otherwise serve? 

Go national…without the expense.        
With TitleNet, your regional or local agency will now be able to afford clients national coverage.  You can refer your business to another agent you know you can trust.   And you’ll do it using robust, effective technology, allowing you to maintain the independence and quality of service your clients expect without the expense of additional staffing.

Your clients depend on your independence.  We do, too.             
TitleNet is focused on the strength of its independent agencies.  We work to support you—not take your business from you.  TitleNet customers know that they’ll receive the quality and experience gained by using a regional or local agency, but that they’ll be able to use them in any state, for any amount of transactions.

TitleNet services foreclosure, REO and re-sale transactions; commercial and residential matters of all types; purchase and refinance transactions at the national or regional level. 

Learn more now how you can meet your clients’ changing needs without compromising the quality and independence they expect from you.  Contact us now to learn the benefits of joining the Net.


Our Clients

From the largest of mortgage institutions to the most local of credit unions, TitleNet’s national network provides comprehensive services for a larger number of institutions. On any given day, you’ll find our team working on orders from the following kinds of businesses:

  • GSEs
  • Top national mortgage lenders and banks (commercial and residential focus)
  • National mortgage servicers
  • Real estate brokerages
  • Regional banks and mortgage lenders
  • Niche mortgage lenders
  • Credit unions
  • Asset management professionals and firms
  • Real estate law firms of all sizes
  • Foreclosure trustees
  • Loss mitigation providers
  • National and regional title agencies
  • National vendor and appraisal management companies


Why do they work with TitleNet? Let them tell you themselves!

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the hard work in getting these rush deals to me so fast. The lender is very pleased and we look like heroes. Please pass on my gratitude to everyone involved. It is wonderful to work with such professionals!”
An executive with a national title agency.

“Title Net has been responsive and quick in allowing us to insure title throughout the US. We have worked with them many times and appreciate the high level of communication, responsiveness, and Title Net allowing us to expand our service area by teaming up with them. Great resource!”
The owner of a regional settlement services firm.