Mortgage originators and servicers need their settlement services orders completed quickly. Many need large numbers processed in days or even hours. Although some national settlement providers can do this, they usually do it from a central location, with personnel hundreds of miles away from the transaction. The result can be cost, delay or even error when a provider runs into a local regulation or custom with which it is completely unfamiliar.

Avoid those costs and delays with TitleNet.

We deliver concierge level service for all types of real estate transactions, including commercial, residential, purchase, refinance, foreclosure and REO at the regional and national levels. All of this is done through our national network of settlement services businesses, connected by robust technology.

For your business, TitleNet means faster turn-times, superior quality and local expertise, all leading to better margins.

The result is time and cost savings…and an improvement to your net.

“No matter how they’re bundled, real estate transactions are always local. Even when one is servicing or originating in high volume, each of those transactions must meet local and regional requirements in order to close. TitleNet harnesses the collective expertise and experience of the best local settlement providers into a powerful national network. With the elimination of delay, unnecessary cost and avoidable errors, our clients routinely see the results on the bottom line.” 
        ~ Gene Rebadow, Executive Vice President and Director of TitleNet.